Coping Skill – Mobile Phone General

My phone is like my best friend. I carry it with me everywhere, it knows everything about me, it is smarter than I am, It tells me what to do and I do it.  I’d be lost without it”



Phones are a great resource but before you rush to the app stores, they come ready equipped to offer coping mechanisms that can get you through a challenging moment.


When we face challenging moments, our rational thought can go missing temporarily. Our phones can support us in many ways before you consider the app store.

Digital journaling apps for mood tracking and self-reflection

Reminders for self-care activities and medication schedules. Positive affirmations. Emergency hotline or crisis text line apps for immediate support during a crisis. Distraction apps, such as games or puzzles, to help shift focus from negative thoughts. Music or sound therapy apps to help with relaxation or improve mood.Calming and soothing mp3’s that use nature sounds, white noise, or ASMR to promote relaxation and sleep.


  1. Binural Beats/ASMR Recordings/MP3
  2. Hypnosis Recordings/MP3
  3. Self Hypnosis Recordings/MP3
  4. Text Affirmations
  5. Voice Note Affirmations/Reminders for self-care and/or medication
  6. Call a friend or support group.
  7. Write a note on rating your stress anxiety levels and what has triggered them
  8. Journaling
  9. Images that help – memes with the power to make you laugh.
  10. Distractions – Games, Music etc.







Other Compatible Coping Skills

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