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Addiction Updates

July 19th 2023: Soap Star Ryan Connor opens up about steroid addiction: –

July 13th 2023: Footballer Dele Alli opens up about sleeping pill addiction: –

July 11th 2023: An Up-and-Coming Treatment for Addiction – Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

ADHD Online Adds Social Media Addiction Assessment to Its Online Diagnostic Platform:-

July 12th 2023: –Tom Holland says he felt ‘enslaved’ to alcohol

July 6th 2023: -Market to treat drug abuse now over $13 billion in US:-

Nigerian initiative to help curb gambling addiction among Youth : –

July 4th 2023: –The Hook: The Science Behind Digital Addiction

July 4th 2023: –Mothers in recovery are reuniting with their children, thanks to housing designed to help

July 3rd 2023: Can diabetes and weight-loss drug Ozempic break addictions : –

More gambling clinics set up after record demand:-

  • The article explores the field of pharmacogenomics and its relationship to drug addiction and dependence.
  • Pharmacogenomics is the study of how an individual’s genetic makeup affects their response to medications.
  • It highlights the importance of understanding genetic factors in drug addiction and how they can influence an individual’s susceptibility to dependence.
  • The article discusses specific genes and genetic variations that have been linked to an increased risk of drug addiction.
  • It explains how pharmacogenomic testing can help identify genetic markers that may indicate an individual’s likelihood of developing drug dependence.
  • The article emphasizes the potential benefits of pharmacogenomic testing in personalizing treatment plans for individuals with addiction.
  • It suggests that by understanding a patient’s genetic profile, healthcare providers can optimize medication choices and dosages to improve treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of addiction.
  • The article also acknowledges that genetic factors alone do not determine addiction risk and that environmental and behavioral factors play a significant role as well.
  • It highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment that considers both genetic and non-genetic factors.
  • Overall, the article underscores the potential of pharmacogenomics in informing addiction treatment strategies and emphasizes the need for personalized approaches to address drug dependence based on an individual’s genetic makeup.

Article on the size of Addiction treatment market: –

Article on the vicious circle of mental health and addiction abuse: –

Local Irish Community come together to help those with addiction issues: –

Article on the safe haven for women on the journey to addiction recovery: –

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