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Depression & Dark Thoughts Updates & Developments

July 5th 2023 : -How To Support A Mom With Postpartum Depression : – July 4th 2023 – Article discussing the15 “best nootropics” for depression in 2023: – The Impact of Postpartum Period on Fathers: Understanding Paternal Postpartum Depression: – Walks in Nature Could Help Prevent Postpartum Depression:- Everyone experiences feelings of […]


PTSD/Stress Updates & Developments

July 13th 2023: Sex as coping mechanism and mental health July 9th 2023: The role of pets in promoting emotional well-being and stress reduction: – Article on How to Deal with Work-Related Stress:- How To Prioritize Your Mental Health This Summer: – RESEARCH: The causes and fallout of care sector’s stress […]


Grief & Bereavement Updates & Developments

July 17th 2023: The Bereavement Journey to host seven more sessions from September John Lydon sleeps with wife’s ashes: What are the five stages of grief? Article discussing how Scary Diagnosis and Grief have the same impact on Mental Health: – Dealing With the Physical Impact of Intense Grief Comfort Zone Weekends […]


Cognitive Decline Updates & Developments

July 10th 2023: –The FDA Just Approved a ‘Milestone’ Alzheimer’s Drug: What Leqembi Means for Patients: – A five-minute scan could be used to spot people at risk of dementia before symptoms appear, researchers claim.  


Addiction Updates

July 19th 2023: Soap Star Ryan Connor opens up about steroid addiction: – July 13th 2023: Footballer Dele Alli opens up about sleeping pill addiction: – July 11th 2023: An Up-and-Coming Treatment for Addiction – Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) ADHD Online Adds Social Media Addiction Assessment to Its Online Diagnostic Platform:- […]


Weight Loss & Diabetes Updates

July 10th 2023: – Weight-loss jabs investigated for suicide risk July 7th 2023 : –Joha rice variety shows promise as an option for people with diabetes June 26th 2023: -Pfizer to end development of experimental obesity & diabetes pill due to elevated liver enzymes :- Understanding the Role of the Gut Microbiome […]


Anxiety & Panic Attack Updates

Three-Step Strategy for Coping with Panic Attacks – Managing Panic Attacks at Work – Anxiety and Mental Health: Key Takeaways- Understanding the Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack – Millie Mackintosh’s Panic Attack Experience – ICE Technique for Controlling Panic Attacks and Anxiety


Blood Pressure Updates

A study conducted by British scientists reveals that high blood pressure affects nine different parts of the brain. • The researchers analyzed MRI scans of over 37,000 people from the UK Biobank study and found that high blood pressure was linked to decreased gray matter volume in the brain. • The areas affected by […]