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Addiction Updates Article on the size of Addiction treatment market: – Article on the vicious circle of mental health and addiction abuse: – Local Irish Community come together to help those with addiction issues: – Article on the safe haven for women on the journey to addiction recovery: –

Weight Loss & Diabetes Updates The article discusses heart-healthy ways to lose weight. It emphasizes the importance of losing weight in a healthy manner to protect heart health. The key takeaways include: Incorporating regular exercise into your routine, aiming for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Following a balanced and nutritious diet that includes fruits, vegetables, […]

Anxiety & Panic Attack Updates

Three-Step Strategy for Coping with Panic Attacks – Managing Panic Attacks at Work – Anxiety and Mental Health: Key Takeaways- Understanding the Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack – Millie Mackintosh’s Panic Attack Experience – ICE Technique for Controlling Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Blood Pressure Updates

A study conducted by British scientists reveals that high blood pressure affects nine different parts of the brain. • The researchers analyzed MRI scans of over 37,000 people from the UK Biobank study and found that high blood pressure was linked to decreased gray matter volume in the brain. • The areas affected by […]