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YouTube is not just a place for entertainment, but a place for education and enlightenment. The beauty of YouTube is that you can learn anything from anyone, anywhere, at any time”



Once upon a time, You Tube was the goto website for Cats that looked like Hitler and other hilarity. Today, with 51 million channels and 30,000 hours of content uploaded every hour, competition ensures the content creators and niche teachers getting slicker and more watchable.


Here are ten YouTube channels that focus on mental health and well-being: –

Kati Morton: Kati Morton is a licensed therapist who uses her YouTube channel to provide education, support, and resources for those struggling with mental health issues. She covers a wide range of topics, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and trauma.

The School of Life: The School of Life is a global organization dedicated to promoting emotional intelligence and well-being. Their YouTube channel offers videos on mental health, relationships, and personal development, presented in an engaging and accessible way.

Psych2Go: Psych2Go is a popular YouTube channel that offers informative and entertaining videos on psychology and mental health. They cover topics such as personality disorders, addiction, and self-improvement.

The Anxiety Guy: The Anxiety Guy, Dennis Simsek, is a former professional tennis player turned anxiety coach. His YouTube channel offers practical tips and advice for managing anxiety, as well as insights into his own personal struggles with the condition.

Therapy in a Nutshell: Therapy in a Nutshell is a YouTube channel run by licensed therapist Emma McAdam. Her videos cover a range of mental health topics, including anxiety, trauma, and relationships, and provide practical advice and strategies for managing these issues.

TED Talks: While not exclusively focused on mental health, TED Talks often feature inspiring and informative talks on topics related to mental well-being. Some notable speakers include Brene Brown, Andrew Solomon, and Johann Hari.

Happify: Happify is a website and app dedicated to promoting positive mental health and well-being. Their YouTube channel offers videos on mindfulness, gratitude, and other topics related to emotional wellness.

Dr. Tracey Marks: Dr. Tracey Marks is a psychiatrist who offers advice and insights on mental health and self-care on her YouTube channel. Her videos cover topics such as depression, anxiety, and stress management.

The Mighty: The Mighty is a digital health community that offers support and resources for those struggling with mental illness and other health conditions. Their YouTube channel offers inspiring stories and practical advice from people with lived experience.

HealthyPlace: HealthyPlace is a mental health community that offers resources and support for those struggling with mental illness. Their YouTube channel covers a range of mental health topics, including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, and provides practical tips and advice for managing these conditions.


Anxiety Specific You Tube Channels include: –

1.            The Anxiety Guy

2.        The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

3.            MedCircle

4.            The Calm Collective

5.            The Anxiety Guru

6.            The Anxiety Network

7.            The Calm Class

8.            The Anxiety Coach

9.            The Anxiety Slayer

10.         The Anxiety Guy TV







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